Exploring the Origins of the Hebrew Alphabet

Oct 09, 2015

The Star of David and the Hebrew alphabet are more closely related than you may have initially realized. Each of the 22 main Hebrew letters comes from some part of the Star.


One man named Alex Collier believes that there are 22 consonants because there are 22 different races of people, both within and outside our galaxy. While this theory is a bit farfetched, it is plausible that each letter represents a different group of people. The upward facing triangle is supposed to represent men, while the downward facing triangle is supposed to represent women.


Hebrew is written from right to left, and there’s also a theory as to why this is so. If a right-handed scribe made inscriptions in stone, he would be holding the chisel in his left hand, hitting it with the hammer in his right hand. Therefore, it would make more sense if he wrote from right to left. When ink and parchment became available, Jewish scribes upheld the writing system already in place.