Progressive education versus traditional education

Apr 28, 2014

Tags: progressive education, play-based learning

Hillcrest Progressive School’s motto: A love of learning since 1929.


The Hillcrest progressive curriculum encourages young children to explore their environment and express themselves freely. Our play-based program is designed to encourage children to use their natural curiosity in a creative approach to problem solving and decision-making. Our curriculum allows for active and quiet play, group activities and individual growth opportunities.


Hillcrest odds 'n ends

Apr 17, 2014

Tags: education

When children return from Passover, Hillcrest classes will be exploring a variety of topics, including spring, art, sensory, and science -- there’s so much to learn and we can’t wait!


What’s up Saturdays!: Events and activities in the city

Apr 17, 2014

Tags: spring, weekend activities, toronto, family-friendly

Take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days by exploring the city with the little ones.


Here’s a round-up of kid-friendly activities and events in Toronto for the weekend!


Shabbat Shalom Fridays

Apr 17, 2014

Tags: children, passover, pesach, matzo

Passover is always a whirlwind, and once it’s over, you’re probably left wondering where the time has gone.

Passover will be over in a few days, so try to make the most of it by spending time with those you care about.


Time to get dirty (in the garden)!

Apr 16, 2014

Tags: children, activities, spring, garden

Now that the weather’s warmer, this is a great time to teach the young ones the basics of gardening.

Whether it’s in the backyard or on the balcony, there is something very exciting and satisfying about seeing something bloom right before your eyes -- and the children will certainly be very proud they had a hand in that!