Creative Ways to Use Apples

Sep 24, 2015

While some children are fine with eating just apple slices, it’s always fun to spice things up. Here are a few easy ways you can incorporate apples into snacks and meals for you and your little ones.



Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen!

Jun 01, 2015

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen from an early age can be fun and beneficial! Learn how here:


Are You Ready for the Pan Am Games?

May 14, 2015

Tags: Toronto, Fun, Events, Activities, Sports

Don’t miss the chance to experience Toronto’s first international multi-sport event since 1930. Here are some upcoming activities the Pan Am Games have arranged for you and the little ones:


Kid-Friendly Garden Projects

Apr 20, 2015

Tags: Activities, Fun, Environment, Earth Day, Events


April generally signifies the beginning of spring, and April also happens to be Earth Month. Is there any better time for you and your family to take action and find ways to become more ecofriendly?    



Films Worth Checking Out at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival

Apr 08, 2015

Tags: Events, Activites, Toronto, Fun

TIFF is offering families an opportunity to see some international films that are not currently playing in regular movie theatres. The event runs from April 7-19, and has a diverse collection of films suitable for children ages 3-13. Here's a list of films that were made with your little ones in mind!