DIY Wednesday!

May 14, 2014

Tags: DIY, crafts, crafting, homemade, childrens activities

Here are some great do-it-yourself activities for at home playtime. They are easy, fun, and use things you already have around the house.


Why Playing Outside is Important

May 12, 2014

Tags: outdoor play, children, early development


Many of the best memories we keep of childhood are of sunny days spent outside, looking for bugs in the backyard, playing tag with the neighbourhood children, swinging and sliding on the jungle gym. Outdoor play is so important for children - for their emotional, social, and cognitive development - and it’s one of the many simple pleasures that make little faces light up with laughter and joy.

Today, we explore some of the ways in which time outside contributes to early learning.


What's up Saturdays!

May 09, 2014

Tags: activities, family-friendly events, mothers day

hellomorning / flickr

This weekend is Mother’s Day! Do you need some celebration ideas?



Mindfulness: Promoting Social and Emotional Learning

May 05, 2014

Tags: mindfulness, play-based learning, toddlers

At Hillcrest, we incorporate mindfulness into the curriculum encouraging children to pause and be more aware of what is happening around them using their senses and also to pay attention to what is happening inside them—their thoughts, feelings and body sensations.


What's up Saturdays!

May 02, 2014

Tags: toronto, family-friendly events

Wondering what to do this weekend in Toronto with the family? Here’s our picks for this weekend!