Core Curriculum

Playground: Our extensive play area offers a wide variety of equipment to encourage physical activity. Children use their imagination as they play on the pirate ship, build castles in our covered sand box, climb the spider net and explore the many challenging play structures.

Sensory & Cognitive: Sensory play is very important in helping children explore their environment while developing social skills through sharing and co-operation. Cognitive skills are developed including classifying, size discrimination, sequencing, colour and number concepts.

Creative: Through creative art activities, the children can enhance creativity and imagination, develop aesthetic awareness, develop a sense of pride and accomplishment, and explore and manipulate a variety of creative materials.

Jolly Phonics & Handwriting without Tears: Offered to all Kindergarten students, we teach a step-by-step approach to reading and writing. Our goal is to enhance the student's phonetic understanding of letter and sound formation. Unique materials and workbooks are used to encourage correct letter formation and spacing while eliminating common letter and number reversals.

Smart Boards: An interactive medium for the children to experiment with and learn new concepts. Through the Smart Board, we develop hands-on lessons for the children to interact, manipulate and feel a sense of accomplishment when working on new activities.