Jewish Heritage

At Hillcrest, our Jewish Heritage program is central to our curriculum. We believe that an understanding of the Hebrew language and traditions is an integral part of each Jewish child's sense of community and heritage. We offer a weekly Hebrew program to all students. The children learn basic Hebrew language skills through an enjoyable program that includes stories, puppets, music and role-play.

Jewish holidays are celebrated in a traditional, child-oriented manner, through song, dance and story telling. Holidays come alive through puppet shows, school-wide music circles and dramatization. Printer-friendly booklets outlining holidays, including special recipes and song lyrics, are posted on our website throughout the school year, to help bridge the learning from school into the homes of our families.

Every Friday, the children celebrate Shabbat. They sing songs celebrating Shabbat traditions and enjoy a snack of challah and "wine" (grape juice). Parents are welcome to join in this special time with their child by signing up for a Shabbat visit.

» View and print our Rosh Hashana booklet
» View and print our Yom Kippur booklet
» View and print our Sukkot booklet
» View and print our Chanukah booklet
» View and print our Purim booklet                                                                                                                                                 » View and print our Pesach booklet