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Director's Message

At Hillcrest Progressive School, our motto is ‘Where every day is a special day.’ While this of course applies primarily to the children, we also want it to apply to our parents and our staff.

Together with the teachers and leadership team, our job is to make each day a special day for our students. We encourage them to love school, love learning and to love themselves as confident and capable people.  It is our goal to create a warm, friendly, safe, and comfortable atmosphere where children can take risks without fear, identify their strengths, and develop their passions. We aim to create an environment filled with opportunities and exhilaration each special day.

We want them to love school, to love learning, and to love themselves ...

We also want each day to be special for our parents. Continual communication with you is a priority so that you know when your child has conquered a challenge, learned a new skill, or gained a new insight.

In addition to the usual, formal communication through report cards and parent-teacher interviews, we want to provide special opportunities for you to participate in your child’s education. So we invite you to come with us on our field trips, to participate in special activities, and attend weekly Shabbat.

We know that seeing your child happy and excited at the end of the day makes it a special day for both of you.