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"To authentically teach someone, it's helpful also to be a student of the techniques yourself.  Your child will learn best through your example and modeling."                  Linda Lantieri, MA


Welcome to our parent resources page where we hope you will find interesting and useful information that supports the Hillcrest learning philosophy as well as current articles and research in the fields of child development and mindful parenting.  It is so important for us as educators and for you as parents to focus on the development of the 'whole child'.

We must support our children's emotional, social and cognitive growth in order to build a strong foundation and create an environment for optimal learning, expressing feelings, making friends, showing kindness and having an open heart.  

Above all we wish to encourage the most important tool that all children possess--their vast imagination.  Their imagination will take them on the most wonderful, creative journeys and how beautiful it is for us to travel alongside our children as they experience and appreciate life through creative exploration and play.  

This resource page is really just a starting off point for you to learn and grow with your child --a place to become rooted as a family and to build a grounded foundation for all of your child's developing branches.  We welcome your contributions for additional parenting resources and we look forward to joining you in this wonder-filled journey and our partnership in nurturing the healthy body and mind of your child.    



Suggested Reading for Parents:


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Current Child Develpment and Parenting Research / Articles:


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