Teaching Staff

Hillcrest prides itself on promoting and nurturing the whole child. Our teachers and staff, many of whom have an excess of 15 years of experience at Hillcrest, work in harmony to ensure a positive and nurturing environment is provided for all children.

Our qualified and dedicated teachers bring a wealth of experience through education and personal knowledge. They are selected for their specialized training in Early Childhood Education, and are all registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators.

Specialty Staff

Our highly trained specialists bring their skills and training to Hillcrest to make sure your children get the most out of their school experience. We have many specialty staff that come to Hillcrest on a weekly basis to implement programs such as music, sports, French, Hebrew, drama, yoga and Shabbat celebrations.

Board of Directors

The Hillcrest Board of Directors is comprised of a group of parents. The board is operated on a strictly volunteer basis with no remuneration paid to any of its members. The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss school policies and procedures, including tuition, equipment, long-term plans, maintenance and legal situations that affect the school's day-to-day operation.