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Happiness Walkway

We're building a beautiful new playground that's set to open on May 23, 2013. To help raise funds to cover the $30,000 cost of the playground, we're paving the way with a Happiness Walkway.

Every donation to the Happiness Walkway helps us pay for the playground. As a thank you for your donation you'll receive a paving stone custom engraved with a special message of your choice. Just think, every time a child walks, skips or runs to the new playground, he or she will know that your name is set in stone.

There is also the opportunity to donate an entire piece of equipment. Please call Queenie Spindel at 416.489,8355 or email her at info@hillcrestschool.ca

We ask that parents who wish to participate in our playground fundraiser kindly send their donations in by cheque, made out to Hillcrest Progressive School.

Click Here to choose your donation amount and the message you'd like engraved on your special stone.

Mabel's Labels

To solve the problem of lost belongings and a large lost and found closet, we have teamed up with Mabel’s Labels. The company makes colourful, indestructible, and easy-to-apply labels you can use to help your little ones identify their own belongings. Labels can be personalized with names, nicknames, initials and icons and are available as iron-ons, stickies, bag tags, allergy alert labels and more! They’re even dishwasher, microwave, laundry and kid-resistant.

When you order Mabel’s Labels through our special Hillcrest link, 20% of the sale is donated directly to Hillcrest. Your labels are sent out to you within 24 hours!

Help raise funds for Hillcrest and reduce your child’s lost belongings.
Place your order now at www.hps.mabel.ca




"Books are a big part of our world and I make sure there is always at least one handy. This morning Jonah found a book I left him at the kitchen table. He did his usual flipping and investigating and then, out of nowhere he read almost an entire sentence by himself. I can't tell you in any words how that made me feel. You are amazing and work so hard for our little ones, always taking the time and finding the humour in your very challenging jobs. Amazed and so happy."

 - Jen G.


"Let me start by saying that Hillcrest is an anomaly. It is an oasis in the middle of the city. A slice of heaven, if you will. Hillcrest is a place where children blossom into life-long lovers of learning. Queenie and her staff tend our little seeds, showering them with love and care. They are the parents away from home. My wife and I have always trusted the teachers at our kids’ school. Academically, we are constantly surprised by what our kids show us at home. The art and art history our children learn from Mrs. Bick fill conversations over dinner and inspire us to visit galleries. Our oldest one, who is now in SK, is reading signs, labels and books and ... the list goes on.

At the end of the day, it’s always a challenge to get my kids out of the school. They just love it there so much. If there was a way to keep my kids at Hillcrest till they were in middle school, I would."

- Michael V.


"Dear Queenie and Hillcrest Staff,

I just wanted to send a note saying how wonderful your channukah party was. I was extremely impressed!!!! 

The thought, effort and warmth of this show was incredible. It was evident that the kids have learned so much this year, and the growth is remarkable. 

This a reflection on what an incredible  school you have and what amazing staff you have. 

Micah, a shy kid in nature, felt completely comfortable to sing and dance in  front of everyone. I want to thank all his teachers for doing such a great job with him.  Today I was such a proud mom, and you made this happen, so I thank you. 

I hope everyone has a happy channukah and a happy and healthy new year. "

- Adee.


"One of the greatest gifts that my parents gave to me was the Hillcrest Progressive School and Hillcrest Camp experience.  There is truth in the Hillcrest motto:  "Where every day is a special day."  As I look back to my graduation photo from 1981, I am reminded of how I felt as a little girl.  Every day was a special day at Hillcrest.  Some of my best childhood memories are from Hillcrest and I'm privileged to still consider some of my nursery school friends my closest friends today.  When I sent my children to Hillcrest for school and camp, the feelings I had as a child immediately returned.  It is even made more special when I'm greeted by some staff that have been at the school for more than 30 years.  I am so happy that Hillcrest has endured the test of time and maybe, one day, my grandchildren will follow in this nursery tradition."

- Elise P.


"Dear Queenie, I just wanted to thank you so much for caring for both my boys for the past six years.  I have loved every minute of my Hillcrest experience.  Both Sam and Ryan have had the best beginnings because of you and your staff.  Everyday that I dropped off at Hillcrest, I would drive away feeling secure knwoing that my boys were safe and happy.  You have created such a beautiful place!  I thank you so much beyond words and will miss seeing you and all the staff."

- Kelly K.


"Now that my younger son Thomas, has completed his time at Hillcrest, I wanted to thank you for the past four or so wonderful years our family has spent at Hillcrest (including the time my older son Spencer, attended nursery and camp).  We are so impressed with the learning and growing he has done at Hillcrest and are so grateful that he had the opportunity to thrive in the warm and nurturing environment that you have created.  I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you and your wonderful faculty and staff have done for our little boy.  We are so glad he was part of the Hillcrest family."  

- Amanda K.


"I am forever grateful that my children were a part of the Hillcrest family for so long.  They all grew and flourished in ways I never thought imaginable.  They are such amazing kids and I owe so much of their development to their time at Hillcrest."  

Deena G.


"As I look back at the years my children spent at Hillcrest, I'm so glad that they have the same warm, wonderful memories that I do from my school and camp days at Hillcrest.  This is where I fell in love with learning, which lead me to my career in teaching.  I can't think of a more perfect place to begin a child's learning experience."  

- Amanda C

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Event

“I think this event was a wonderful idea!! I was amazed at how much my children retained from what they learned. They told me about the boy they met, who uses a pump like at the gas station to give himself insulin because he has diabetes. What a great learning experience for kids. They were able to understand that some kids have issues to deal with and this demystified one disease a lot. I also applaud any attempt to instill in the kids a sense of charity and the need to contribute to worthy causes. All in all, well done!!”
- Risa K.

Summer Camp

“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful summer Mia had at Hillcrest Camp!!!  You really know how to make a child feel and be safe, comfortable and loved, and have the time of her life.  Thank you for taking such great care of her and making her first drop-off such a success.” 
- Leah B. and Family

Summer Camp

“Hello Queenie, I wanted to drop you a quick note that while talking to my son about his summer camp experiences, he told me that he still likes Hillcrest the best!! Your camp is truly a special place that has clearly left a strong, positive impression on both my boys. Thank you again for the experience you gave them. I will continue to spread the word about what a great camp it is to all our neighbours and friends!”
- Catherine L.

Summer Camp

"My Independence: I was independent when I went to day camp. I was 3 years old and was away from home. I was scared when I was away from home but also happy to be free to play and swim. It was so much fun to do what I wanted and to have no rules. Summer camp took away my fear and built my confidence."
- Hudson K. age 10