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How to Book a Tour

We are excited to show you everything that makes our school so special. Booking a tour is easy and we are happy to accommodate you in person or virtually.

Simply fill out the contact form below or call us at 416-489-8355. We will return your email within 24 school hours to confirm your tour date and time.

When are tours available and how long do they last?

Our tours are available by appointment from Monday to Friday during the school day or at 4 pm.

We offer both in-person and virtual tours, depending on your preferences. Our tours typically last about an hour but this can vary based on the individual needs or questions.

We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your tour options and schedule your visit.

What are school and camp hours?

Full day school and summer program hours are 9:00AM-3:30PM.

Half day school and summer program hours are 9:00AM-12:30PM

Where do our children go after they graduate from Hillcrest Progressive School?

We are proud to say that our curriculum prepares children to be successful at many of the cities best private and independent schools. Ask for details on how we can set your child us for success.

What will be covered during the tour?

Our administrator Gianna takes you to all of the classrooms, talks about the curriculum, program schedules, important dates, as well as the extra curricular activities available.

She will also walk you around our amazing outdoor facilities and give you a sneak peak at a day in the life of a Hillcrest student.

How many people can attend the tour?

We welcome as many people as you would like to come and see the school.

Can I bring my child with me during the tour?

While we love seeing potential students playing on our playsets and immersing themselves in our school we recommend that parents come alone for the first tour.

We welcome potential students to come along for a second visit to meet their future teachers and play in their classrooms.

Can I ask more detailed questions about the school during the tour?

Yes of course. We love questions!

Because of you, I was able to send H to school every single day during a very stressful and difficult time. Because of you, I was able to feel at ease that he was being cared for and safe. Because of you, I was able to keep my family safe. Because of you, H has grown so much more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for making him feel safe and loved and teaching him so much.

Love, T and P

Everyone talks about the “magic” of Hillcrest. I don’t know if it’s the quaint building, small classes, community involvement or the amazing teachers and director but it’s something that you immediately experience when your child spends any time at this amazing school.

From E

A very loving, caring, enriching and inclusive environment. The teachers and staff are fantastic! My daughter is always happy going in and has lots of fun stories to tell after school, about what she had learned and her experiences with teachers and friends. The outdoor play area is second to none! Highly recommended! Thank you!

From B

My family believes in the importance of early education and Hillcrest provides that and more. They have has nice and warm teachers with a great campus. A large and well equipped outdoor playground, including, swimming pool, bike trail, sandbox, and more

From G

Hillcrest is/was the perfect fit for our son, who needed extra support during kindergarten. As a child who needed a smaller class, a calming yet engaging environment, and a team of incredible educators who understood our son’s needs the moment he walked through the door. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything that Hillcrest has brought into his/our lives. He is thriving in his own special way, and the team at Hillcrest has been foundational in this amazing achievement for our son.

From J

Every morning the teachers greeted us with warmth and smiles and I left the school with a warm heart knowing my boy was being well taken care of. There aren’t enough words to express how amazing you all are and how lucky we feel to have had such a wonderful year at Hillcrest!!

Love, T and P

Gianna and our Director Kim

Meet Your Tour Guide

All of our tours are conducted by administrator Gianna Michielli. 

She has been a part of the Hillcrest family for 35 years. Gianna has had many roles in our school from student teacher to full-time preschool teacher teaching, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. Not to mention she has also worked as a counsellor during the summers at Hillcrest. Who better than Gianna to tell you about all the things that makes Hillcrest the best!

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