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Toddler Age 2 (2022 Birthdate)

Our Toddler program runs 5 days a week.

We offer morning and full-day options.

Morning Program

9am – 12:30pm

Full-Day Program

9am – 3:30pm

We provide a sense of security and care that toddler children need to thrive during their formative years.

Our warm and supportive toddler program fosters the development of age-appropriate skills in the pillars of independence, language development, self-expression, socialization and sensory exploration.  

Toddlers are able to express their creativity through music, art and drama. They are also energized through sports and other physical activities, much of it in our expansive playground and gym.

1:4 is our ideal teacher-student ratio for toddler development

Experienced teachers are responsive to the needs of every child and are committed to helping each one become independent. Our teacher-child ratio is ideal at 1:4, which ensures that each child progresses at their own pace.

We focus on four key developmental areas:

  • Perception and sensory development
  • Self-help skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Social and emotional growth

Teachers and children are active partners in the learning process, supporting, encouraging and documenting student learning. 

Preschool Age 3 (2021 Birthdate)

Our preschool program runs 5 days a week.

We offer morning and full-day options.

Morning Program

9am – 12:30pm

Full-Day Program

9am – 3:30pm

Providing hands on experiences for preschool children

Our classes introduce preschool children to the world around them and include both centre-based activities and reading circles that promote cognitive development. In a supportive environment, children learn language and math skills and enjoy sensory experiences. We give children the chance to explore, interact with others and think critically. We know that each child learns at their own pace and in their own way.


Our educators cultivate a passion for words through the use of various materials which prepares them to express their thoughts both in writing and orally.


Children are introduced to basic concepts of mathematics such as: quantity, one to one correspondence and addition and subtraction. Students gain the basic knowledge of how numbers are used through the introduction of concrete materials.  

Daily Life Experiences

Children are drawn to activities that give them independence and introduce them to new ideas. Our trained educators lead immersive activities indoors and outside in the playground to provide the children with a perfect setting to learn social skills. 


Sensory materials in and outside of the classroom provide students with hands on experiences, sharpening their fine and gross motor skills. 

Sensory materials aid the children in discovering characteristics such as colour, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell. The sensory materials help children distinguish, categorize and relate new information to what they already know.

Introduction to Kindergarten

Building Blocks to a Balanced Education.

  • This program is designed to help children make a smooth transition from preschool to Kindergarten in a warm and nurturing environment
  • We educate students about Jewish heritage and introduce them to other cultures and traditions. Students learn to care for themselves, their families, their communities and society
  • Our educators oversee enriched programming that meet and surpass Provincial requirements, while providing students with guidance in reading and math literacy
  • Classrooms are set up to include universal themes, centre-based activities, reading circles and technology to engage, excite and educate preschoolers
  • We provide ample opportunity for self-directed exploration, social interaction and critical thinking, while understanding that all preschool children learn at their own pace
  • Specialists meet with students regularly, to teach them Hebrew, French, Music, Art, Literature and Physical Education
  • Students emerge from the program with a new sense of independence, advanced social skills and heightened curiosity that ensures future success

Junior Kindergarten
Age 4 (2020 Birthdate)

Our JK program runs 5 days a week.

Full-Day Program

9am – 3:30pm

This program features themes that relate to a child’s life, interests and surroundings. Students learn literacy, math and critical thinking skills through their daily hands on experiences. Specialists meet with students regularly, to teach them Hebrew, French, Music, Art, Literature and Physical Education.

Examples of JK Critical Thinking Questions:  

  • How can we best show respect to ourselves and others? 
  • What makes me unique? 
  • How do we use our five senses to connect to the world?
  • What are some of the best things about nature? 
  • If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask? 

Senior Kindergarten
Age 5 (2019 Birthdate)

Our SK program runs 5 days a week.

Full-Day Program

9am – 3:30pm

Ensuring every student’s formative years are rich and rewarding.

We ensure a seamless transition from Junior to Senior Kindergarten. The school day becomes formalized in preparation for Grade 1. Our curriculum accommodates learning styles in a supportive environment and ensures that students are engaged and curious about the topics studied.

Examples of SK Critical Thinking Questions:  

  • How do we get along with others? 
  • What are the most important patterns and trends you see in a hero? 
  • What is the most important thing you can do to care for the earth and those that inhabit it? 
  • What is the most important choice that you can make each day?
  • Do you have any inventions that you have thought of?
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