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Every day is a Special Day at Hillcrest Safariland!

Children are encouraged and supported throughout their day with us. Our staff members are trained to ensure that every child feels safe. Structured play experiences, snack time, and cooperative games teach children how to get along with their peers in a positive environment.

The children are placed into these groups based on year of birth:


Summer at Hillcrest is Beyond Compare!

Our children make a splash in our beautiful salt-water heated pools.


Our children make a splash with daily swimming programs in our beautiful, salt-water heated pools and water play areas. We hire only experienced, qualified NLS-certified swim instructors who understand the needs of young children. We ensure that each child feels secure and comfortable in the water, dividing time between the recreational and full-length pools. Each child enters the pool only in the arms of a trained staff member, who provides a one-on-one experience.

Children enrolled in half-day programs swim once a day for half an hour, while those in full-day programs swim twice a day for half an hour each. In addition to our certified swim staff, all counselors from your child’s group will also be in the pool area to ensure the best supervision and the safest environment.


Our dedicated music specialist provides musical programming for all our children, encouraging group participation, imaginative expression and the building of self-esteem. Unique group songs, children’s classics, and music circles provide endless opportunities for fun and laughter.


This educational, non-competitive sports program for all children is taught by an experienced sports instructor. The program incorporates specialized equipment and exercises along with creative and positive teaching methods.

Children are introduced to popular sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball. Children develop confidence, gross motor skills, and team-building skills while having fun.


Our grassy, tree-lined grounds encourage children to use their imagination through open-ended play on a variety of play structures and beach-like sand areas. They run free over gentle knolls, explore tunnels, and regroup with their peers and counselors in gated areas.

Arts & Crafts

Our arts and crafts program features a variety of activities designed to maximize creativity and self-expression, with children using a wide variety of materials and media. Our experienced early childhood educators plan and implement age-appropriate craft projects to develop and enhance fine motor skills. Theme-based art projects are often inspired by weekly program themes.

Theme weeks and days

Each week a new adventure begins at Safariland. Days are filled with an assortment of fun and engaging activities, culminating with a dress-up theme day every Friday. Children can choose whether to take part in the dress up or just come for the fun!

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