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It is important to invest in early childhood education because young children are like sponges. Every new word and experience helps shape them as individuals. There is no greater impact on a person’s development than his or her experience in early childhood.

When preschool children are exposed to a warm and nurturing classroom space, they develop a love of learning. They also strengthen their social skills and recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion. By improving these skills, they build confidence and self-esteem – attributes that are essential for academic and social success in elementary school and beyond. 

Our teachers are experts in early childhood education

Our preschool teachers are experts in early childhood education. They are trained to identify a child’s needs and interests and support them with activities that foster social and emotional development.

Hillcrest Wall of Fame

Every school year our teachers create our Wall of Fame which is just one of the ways we build a sense of community amongst our students. Children also learn different levels of literacy by recognizing letters and finding their names.

Introducing our Hillcrest Community for 2023-2024

Our teachers engage children in activities focused on relationships thereby sparking curiosity.

Our Curriculum

At Hillcrest Progressive School we provide an enriched learning experience that facilitates academic success, emotional development and excellent social skills.

Children learn by doing, we encourage them to express themselves and explore their environments through words and actions, while doing activities and programs such as drawing, painting, drama, music and science. We help preschool children learn to communicate effectively and become independent and critical thinkers.

Children learn skills needed to meet developmental milestones

Before and After School Care

In the Fall of 2022, we relaunched our Before and After School care, along with extensive extracurricular programming. Our engaging, unique classes are designed to expand on what children learn throughout the school day while providing parents with a more flexible schedule.

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2024-2025 Academic Year and 2024 Summer Program 
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