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Learning gets better when everyone works together. Good schools, teachers, and families make a big impact. Studies show that when families are involved, students do better in school. They show up more, behave well, talk better, and feel more sure of themselves. The “State of Teaching and Learning in K-12 Education” also says that good family and student connections help a lot.

There are cool ways schools can get families involved. They can have open houses and send out newsletters. They can make it easy for parents to talk to teachers. They also welcome parents to join in volunteering, help with homework, and see what students are doing. Using tools like Canvas, parents can easily keep up with their child’s progress in school.

Importance of Family Engagement in Education

Family engagement is key for kids to do well in school. Laws like ESSA make schools work with families. The IDEA helps parents of kids with disabilities, too.

When schools and parents work together, kids do better. Studies show this. Kids with involved parents get better grades and go to college more.

But, parents can find it hard to join in. They might be too busy or have other issues. Good plans can help them be more involved.

Tools like Panorama’s survey help. They show what families think about the school. This helps make better choices for everyone’s learning.

When parents help, kids make better choices. They do not take as many risks. And, they do better in school.

To wrap up, working with parents helps a lot. It’s great from the start, even in Kindergarten. With everyone’s help, kids can do their best, both in learning and with friends.

Family Engagement Strategies for Kindergarten Parents

Helping parents get involved in their child’s learning is very important, especially for those with Kindergarteners. These parents have a big impact on their child’s start in education. Strategies for them should be special. For example, Maria Paredes came up with a great plan called Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT). Many schools use it and see more moms and dads taking part.

Making sure families hear about school in different ways helps everyone stay connected. Things like emails, text messages, and posts on apps are used. ParentSquare is a tool that sends info to phones, texts, and emails. It helps schools know if everyone is joining in. This is needed because not all families can go online or use a smartphone. So, different ways to talk are important.

It’s good to say thank you to families and work together with others in the community. Schools can do this by honoring family help with awards. They also can help break barriers that keep families away, like not having time. Finding ways to connect with families leads to more trust and sharing of ideas.

The goal is to get families to be part of learning. This matters a lot. Many studies show that when families help out, kids do better in school. They read and write more, show up each day, and are more likely to finish school. By working together with families and others, parents of Kindergarteners can help a lot in their child’s early years.

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