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What is the vision for the PTA?

Education does not stop at Hillcrest. It is crucial that we form and maintain a collaborative and supportive environment between parents, teachers, and the school for the betterment of each child’s educational journey at HPS.  Our vision is that the PTA facilitates these relationships by forming a communication bridge, a platform for fundraising, and advocacy for the needs and interests of the children and school community at large. 

What is the role of the PTA?

The primary function is to encourage everyone in our community to actively participate in their child’s education, whether that’s by supporting school initiatives and fundraising or helping at various school events such as coffee days, the summer barbecue, and ECE appreciation day. 

What would volunteering for the PTA entail?

– supporting school initiatives in collaboration with the teachers and school director 
– bringing in ideas to support the sustainability of our community – Sunday afternoon playtime at Hillcrest/ice cream truck, etc

How much of a time commitment is needed?
This may vary from month to month but on average it would about 2-3 hours per month 

We really hope to continue to build our Hillcrest community and encourage family members to join. We also understand how busy everyone is. If the time commitment is not possible, we are always looking for volunteers for individual events and initiatives. 

Please reach out to or the office to express your interest either way. We look forward to working with everyone

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Limited Spots Available

2024-2025 Academic Year and 2024 Summer Program 
Applications are available on our website under the Admissions Tab.  
Bussing information for Summer 2024 can be found under Admissions





For the current school year 2023 - 2024 applications,
please contact Gianna directly
at or 416-489-8355