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From Unpacked for Educators (a phenomenal resource for Israel Education):

3 ways to discuss the situation with your students 

1. Moral Clarity

Let your students know that there is no moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel. Too many media commentators draw a disturbing parallel between Israel and Hamas, implying that they are morally equivalent and equally to blame for the violence. Let’s make no mistake about it. Hamas is a terrorist group (officially designated this way by the U.S., European Union, Israel, Canada, Japan and others) that is attacking and firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli citizens. Israel is a sovereign country that is defending its citizens through targeted airstrikes aimed at terrorist leaders or military operations.

2. Start with Areyvut (accountability or responsibility)

A guiding principle in Jewish thought is the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another. How can we inspire young Jews who live outside of Israel to care deeply about their extended Jewish family in southern Israel and throughout the country? Many Jewish people in Israel are feeling scared right now. The images of grandmothers, children and young women being dragged into Gaza as hostages (and many other horrifying images) are extremely painful to see. As a people, we must first and foremost be there for our people.

3. Encourage your students to use social media responsibly

Encourage your students to use social media responsibly. Give your students these key messages: Do not get into a fight on social media if you don’t know the person or if you don’t know the facts of the story. Take the conversation offline whenever possible and try not to respond in the heat of the moment. Ultimately, use your channel to educate those around you.

Additionally, students should be conscious of the toll this can have on their mental health. A lot of footage being shared is graphic and should be avoided. Students (and adults) should take breaks when needed.

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