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We have been busy over September and early October, celebrating many holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot,  and the universal themes of gratitude and unity. Our current curriculum provides a valuable educational experience for our Jewish students and everyone of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. This, in turn, fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity among all our students. In today’s world, it is so important that children learn not only about their history and culture but also about others to encourage inclusivity, foster knowledge, and, most of all, kindness.  We are delighted to share some of our insights into our Jewish curriculum at Hillcrest Progressive School. We are so thankful to be able to build a strong foundation of learning for all our students and share the beautiful traditions that are central to our Jewish roots.  

  1. Cultural immersion – children are introduced to the vibrant tapestry of Jewish traditions, holidays, and customs through engaging activities.
  2. Values and Ethics – central to the Hillcrest curriculum are the core values of kindness, respect, and responsibility, aligned with Jewish and inclusive cultures. These values serve as a compass for character development and are woven into every aspect of our program.
  3. Introduction and Literacy: We offer an introduction to the Hebrew language, incorporating basic words and phrases into our activities. This linguistic exposure promotes multicultural competence and lays the foundations for future language learning.
  4. Holiday and Shabbat celebrations: throughout the year, children partake in Shabbat, school-wide,  individual classrooms, and later with parental involvement. Children participate in holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, and Channukah through hands-on learning with Morah Laya, our Hebrew teacher. Some activities could include songs and concrete examples of symbolic pieces. During music with Gregg, the songs are taught and immersed throughout their learning. Books and activities relating to the holidays are incorporated into the curriculum.
  5. Creative expression: Art, music, and storytelling play a prominent role. These activities allow children to express themselves creatively. 
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