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Finding good resources for your home is very important. It helps build a strong start in education. Parents often have trouble finding good things online. They don’t want to give away personal info to get materials. But, there are trusted tools out there. These tools let kids learn at home without needing to share their info.

The “Kindergarten at Home” program is one example. It costs $147.00 and lasts 36 weeks. It comes with a 232-page book and 40 pages to print. This is great for kids aged 4 to 6. It’s a super choice for parents wanting top tools for learning at home.

Introduction to Home-based Kindergarten Activities

In today’s world, many families choose home education. This makes it important to have great activities for home kindergartens. Save the Children helps by giving parents and caregivers many tools. These make learning fun and effective at home.

There are 24 activities to try at home. These help kids with numbers, movement, talking, and making friends. For example, you can use math during cooking and cleaning. This makes learning about shapes and counting fun.

Making time for reading stories is a must. It helps kids learn new words and enjoy books. Having a home museum is also great. Kids can put things in order and name their treasures. This helps them with language.

You can also make a language-rich restaurant at home. Kids will love making menus and finding words. A writing place with paper and crayons is perfect for writing fun stories.

Gardening is a fun way to learn math and science. Kids can measure water and count seeds. They’ll love watching the plants grow.

Playing in an imaginary world grows communication skills. Games like puppet shows and having a shop at home are great. Family activities outside are also fun. They help with moving and thinking.

Making art together is full of benefits. It hones motor skills and sparks creativity. Playing with targets can help kids move more and aim better.

There are many nature lessons to enjoy. Books and cards from Little Oak Learning, Chickie & Roo, and Fiddlesticks teach kids about nature. Learning is fun with these colorful resources.

Top Kindergarten Learning Resources for Home

The “Kindergarten at Home” program is a great choice for learning. It was made for kids 4 to 6 years old. It covers many skills in a fun way.

This program has a 36-week curriculum. It helps kids learn through play. It teaches key skills like reading and thinking.

The coursebook has 232 pages. Plus, there are 40 pages of extra printables. It’s split into 18 themes, each lasting two weeks. Kids do things like fun learning games and quiet time activities. They also read special books.

The package includes songs and stories for fun learning. You can get it as digital downloads or physical copies. This lets you choose what’s best for teaching at home.

There’s also a bundle for great value. It includes programs for reading and writing. And it has games that make learning fun.

For more learning, check out Timberdoodle’s science kits. And see Sonlight’s All-Subjects Package. These resources make learning at home exciting for kids.

Benefits of Using Preschool Learning Materials at Home

Using preschool learning materials at home is very helpful. It gives kids lessons just for them. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Kindergarten at Home” curriculum is great. It helps kids love learning. It uses fun activities to help them grow.

Teachers use special methods to teach. They make sure every child can learn. This includes using tools like Story Stones and sharing lessons online.

Parents love how well these programs work. They see their kids getting better at many things. This helps kids do well in school later on.

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