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The Arizona State Board of Education helps a lot in education, notably at the kindergarten level. They use the Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) to check on kids’ skills as they start kindergarten. This way, teachers can make sure to teach each child in the best way for them, focusing on their unique needs.

Arizona supports the Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) which started in August 2022. TSG helps measure what kids learn without stopping the class. It also offers self-paced learning for teachers under the “Develop” tab, making it easier for everyone to learn.

Looking for good resources for kindergarten parents online is very important. These top sites offer great help for families with kindergarteners. They understand the need for special support, which can help kids get ready for kindergarten.

Top Kindergarten Parent Support Websites

First Things First (FTF) is a great place for kindergarten parents. It gives lots of resources for kids’ learning. Families who speak Spanish can find help in their language. This makes good info easier to get.

Top Kindergarten Parent Support Websites point to FTF. They work hard to give parents what they need. Parents feel ready to help their kids learn.

Parenting websites for kindergarten families also help kids with Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Association of MN helps meet their special needs. The CDC National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities tells parents about important baby steps. This info lets parents spot issues early.

MN Help Me Grow helps Minnesota kids for free when they qualify. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders has lists that track growth. Places like PBS and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) share helpful kid info too. They talk about what kids can do at different ages.

NAEYC has special support on a webpage. ZERO TO THREE helps little ones and their parents learn to manage. It’s focused on infant and toddler health.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services and University of Minnesota’s Center for Early Education and Development (CEED) give extra help for autism. They help kids get ready for school and make friends.

In short, recommended parent support for kindergarten is key. These sites help parents guide their children’s early learning. They are full of the tips and tools needed for kids’ growth.

Comprehensive Resources for Kindergarten Parents

Kindergarten parent resources help you a lot. They show you many ways to be a great parent. They encourage schools, families, and others to work together for your child. This way, your kid smoothly moves from preschool to kindergarten.

The blog post picks 8 top resources for kindergarten. One favorite is the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ). Sharon Gee thinks it’s great. It’s affordable, reliable, and easy for families. The ASQ also has fun learning tasks in English and Spanish.

The SING.PLAY.LOVE. Kindergarten Readiness Kit is another hit. It uses books, music, and play to improve kids’ skills. Karen Martin loves it for getting kids ready for school. The Quick Interactive Language Screener (QUILS) is also key. It checks how kids are doing in language learning. Melissa Scopio says it focuses well on improving.

Other important tools are Well Screening and AEPS-3. Stacy Williams likes how Well Screening finds learning problems easily. Judi Zala admires AEPS-3 for its wide help with school skills. Books by Marilyn Adams help with early reading. The MULTITIERED INTERVENTIONS FOR LANGUAGE & LITERACY IN EARLY CHILDHOOD (MILLIE) are also important. They prepare kids for learning language and reading well.

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