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Getting ready for kindergarten is fun. It’s about learning new things and making friends. Parents can use many kindergarten educational tools for parents to help. “My First BOB Books: Alphabet” and “100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages” are great for starting to read.

The “Scholastic Early Learners: Write and Wipe Learn to Write” book is awesome for practicing writing. Phonics packs help with reading. Scholastic also offers math tools like “Flash Cards: Colors & Shapes.”

“Hello, Hedgehog! #5: Can I Have a Turn?” and “How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?” teach kids to be patient and helpful. The “Healthy Habits” pack is good for staying clean. Clifford storybooks make kids feel ready for school.

Parents can find parenting resources for kindergarten online, too. SplashLearn has fun games for kindergartners. It offers over 4,000 games. There are also 18 other resources for learning at home.

Focusing on kids’ mental and emotional health is important. Fun games and storybooks are key. They help make learning enjoyable. A mix of old and new tools is best for teaching young kids.

Essential Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Getting ready for kindergarten is very important. It helps children learn skill they need. In Arizona, kids can start at five if they turn five by September 1.

There are many skills kids need for kindergarten. Teachers say kids should know how to count to five. They should also be good at using their hands and writing their names. And don’t forget about sharing and taking turns. These social skills help children fit in at school.

Studies tell us that kids who go to good child care or preschool do better in school later on. There are also special programs for kids who didn’t go to preschool. These programs help kids get used to school before it officially starts.

Parents can help a lot by reading with their kids every day. Reading helps kids learn words. It also makes them better at talking and understanding. Talking about the books they read can help kids learn even more.

It’s important for kids to feel good about themselves. Parents can help by giving them simple jobs to do. Learning to do things on their own, like getting dressed, is also important.

Doing things with their hands, like cutting paper or doing puzzles, is good for kids. They get better with practice. It’s okay if they make mistakes. What matters is they keep trying.

Using apps like HOMER for reading can help a lot. Just 15 minutes a day makes a big difference. Kids also need to understand simple math. They also need to be good at moving their bodies.

Being ready for school is not just about books. Kids also need to be able to talk and play well with others. There are special games and activities that can help with this. These tools are great for parents who want their kids to be ready all around.

Top Kindergarten Educational Tools for Parents

There are many ways to help with kindergarten learning at home. Save the Children is a big help. It gives out lots of educational things and advice for kids everywhere. They have the “Books Beginning at Birth” program, which is all about starting to read early. This program offers real books and ebooks for kids. They make learning fun. They also have the CIRCLE Activity Collection. It turns study about kids into fun things to do at home.

Teaching Strategies is great for kids before kindergarten. Parents can find special things to help their kids on its website. You need to make an account. PBS KIDS has lots of shows that help kids learn. There’s “Molly of Denali” to get better at reading. “Work It Out Wombats” helps with solving problems. And “Jamming on the Job” is about jobs. They make learning interesting for kids.

Online, there’s lots of help too. has many activities, games, and plans for kids from pre-K to 8th grade. IXL helps with math and English for kindergarten up to 12th grade. Evernote is good for parents. It helps with keeping notes and managing time.

Special things are made for parents too. For parents teaching at home, there are many guides and online classes. The “40 Digital Learning Kits” e-book is great and not expensive. You can find it on Amazon. For younger kids, Khan Academy Kids is a good app. It has free lessons in many subjects. For older kids, Unboxed by Prepared Parents offers free kits each month. These are for kids in grades 4-9.

Using these tools helps make kindergarten learning fun and easy. It helps parents a lot. With these tools, every child can enjoy and learn a lot in their early years of school.

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Kindergarten Education

Being involved in your child’s kindergarten is very important. Studies show that parents who help in early education stay involved later. This helps their child do 57% better in learning.

Having parents help makes kids learn better. Good talks between school and home help kids learn more. Also, when parents join in at school, like sharing talents, it helps. And giving tips at home on skills and behavior also helps kids learn.

Doing things with your child at home is also key. Like, making a daily report on what they learn. This keeps parents and schools close. And it helps kids do well in school and in life later. Many studies highlight how important it is for parents to join in. This involvement helps kids with behavior, social skills, and grades.

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