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The journey to kindergarten is full of excitement for parents and kids. The First 5 California’s Kit for New Parents is here to help first-time moms. It offers free educational resources for parents and their kindergarten kids.

The kit includes a Parent Guide and a Numbers Touch-and-Feel book. It also offers help with common illnesses from the What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick book. These resources come in different languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Parents can also check out the California Parent Guide website for more help. If they have questions, they can email

It’s best to start planning for kindergarten in January or February. This gives parents time to learn about school rules. Schools share calendars with important dates. It’s a good idea to visit the school before the new year, which is usually possible in May or July.

Importance of Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten is about more than just school. Parents need to think ahead. They should think about school times, after-school care, and costs.

It’s best to start planning in January or February. This way, you won’t miss deadlines. Visiting schools and asking about their rules can also help.

Getting ready for kindergarten is a big deal. It’s not just about learning. Children need to be good at talking, playing, and working with others. They also need to be okay with being away from home for a little while.

In Arizona, kids should turn 5 by September 1 to start kindergarten. It’s also important to enroll them before they turn 6. Some schools start registering kids in January.

Going to a good preschool can help kids a lot. It makes them ready for big school.

Parents can also do a lot at home to prepare. Start reading with your child every day. Let them do things on their own. And make them feel good about themselves.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says getting ready for school begins at birth. Kids should learn to talk, follow simple directions, and know basic things like colors and shapes. It’s also important to be up to date on doctor visits and shots.

Parents play a big role in getting their child ready for kindergarten. Supporting kids in all areas of school life helps them do well. It’s not just about making it through the day. It’s also about growing up happy and healthy.

Free Kindergarten Parent Guides: Resources and Benefits

The Free Kindergarten Parent Guides are great for parents and their children. These guides offer lots of free stuff for kindergarten. They help parents get ready for their child’s first school days.

The guides show how to avoid problems and enjoy school more. They talk about special programs, like Kleenex® Box Tops for Education. These guides make getting ready for school easier and more fun.

They also help parents manage their feelings about their child going to school. The guides give tips to make kids feel good and not too worried. They talk about fun things to do at home. Like making hats, reading fun stories, and doing crafts together.

There are cool programs that help kids learn and grow better. They give out easy tips and fun facts for free. Also, families can get help with health and school costs. This is from public help like 211, Medicaid, and HEAP.

Using these helpful resources makes starting school a happier time. Parents can feel more sure about their child’s school start. And families can enjoy learning and growing together.

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