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To help guide kids to success in kindergarten, focus on English and Math. Children learn basic language skills like the alphabet and rhyming at this stage. They also start to write and express ideas. Books like the 12 in My First BOB Books: Alphabet are great for learning the ABCs. The 100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages workbook helps kids learn sight words.

Math skills are equally important. The Scholastic Early Learners: Kindergarten Extra Big Skills Workbook: Math Practice is made to teach kids to count to 10. It builds a strong math base. Parents can help by reading daily, playing word games, and using real-life math problems. This way, they help their child learn important skills.

Books like Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman and Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss are great. So are the resources at These things can add a lot to a child’s home learning. By using these resources, parents help their children do well in school.

Preparing for Academic Success

Helping your child get ready for kindergarten is key for their future. Talking with them a lot helps build their words. This is very important for learning to read and understand.

It’s also crucial to focus on basic math skills. Kids should start learning how to count and do simple math. Parents can make learning math fun with special activities. The Scholastic Early Learners: Kindergarten Extra Big Skills Workbook: Math Practice has many fun activities to help.

The 100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages workbook is great for getting kids to remember important words. Interactive writing tools, like the Scholastic Early Learners: Write and Wipe Learn to Write, are also recommended. These help kids practice writing and get better at it.

Knowing colors and shapes can be fun with Flash Cards: Colors & Shapes. These cards also help with learning body parts. Using these tools can get your child ready for kindergarten. They make learning enjoyable and effective.

Best Kindergarten Parent Resources

To get your child ready for kindergarten, the best parent resources are key. Focus on language and math. Work on fine motor skills, like holding a pencil with the “Pinch and Flip” method. Also, practice writing their name in both big and small letters. This boosts their skills at home.

Teach phonics, sight words, and basics like colors and shapes. This helps a lot. “My First BOB Books: Alphabet” from Scholastic is great for ABCs. So is the “100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages” book. It helps kids read better.

The Scholastic Early Learners workbooks are also great for learning. For example, the Pre-K Extra Big Skills Workbook: Sorting and Matching teaches sorting. The Kindergarten Workbook: Math Practice helps with counting to 10. These materials are a must for a strong start in school.

Online resources are big for getting ready for school. The Scholastic Learn website has books and fun for kids up to 9th grade. Parents can find grade-specific lessons in math, reading, and science at For fun learning, go to ABCya! for games and activities.

Check out Funbrain, Squiggle Park, Nat Geo for Kids, and Starfall for more fun and learning. SplashLearn is good for math from all grades. The Science Mom YouTube channel is fun for science. And Music Play Online has songs and activities for music lovers. These resources help get kids ready for kindergarten.

Supportive Parent Guides

Parents are key to a child’s success in kindergarten. Studies show kids do better when parents help. They have more confidence, make more friends, and solve problems well. Good guides for parents can help kids grow in key ways.

Special books and tools can help kids get ready for their big school day. They deal with worries like being away from home or doing tasks alone. Scholastic has great choices like “Hello, Hedgehog! #5: Can I Have a Turn?” and “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Birthday Cake”. These help kids handle their feelings and follow rules.

Fun books are a big help too. Scholastic’s “Write and Wipe Learn to Write” is favored by teachers. Using these in daily life can make learning fun. This way, kids get ready for kindergarten and doing well in school later on.

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